This Game includes Unlimited UC and Battle Points, Wallhack, Automatic aiming, Unlock All Skins, Rapid-fire abilities, No recoil within the game, and 100% Safe (Anti-ban system).
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July 8, 2021
6,0 and Up
1 GB
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It is sure that PUBG is a name you have heard before if you enjoy playing action games. The PUBG Mobile Mod Apk includes Unlimited UC and Battle Points, Wallhack, Automatic aiming, Unlock All Skins, Rapid-fire abilities, No recoil within the game, and 100% Safe (Anti-ban system).

The Tencent Games company has developed PUBG, which is one of the most popular action games. Over 100,000,000 downloads have been made so far. Both Android and iOS versions are free to download.

PvP FOR MOBILE is the official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game. Everywhere, at any time. On mobile devices, PUBG MOBILE delivers mobile gaming at its most intense. Get ready to compete, then come on in. You will survive epic 100-player battles, as well as teams of four in a 4v4 team deathmatch mode, as well as zombies. The only thing that matters is survival. Put your best foot forward!

It is good of you to explain the whole thing to us. The PUBG hack version has caught your attention. You are a PUBG fanatic. It’s time to learn how to download Pubg Mobile Mod APK for Android here in this post because you will be learning how to do that in this post. We will also discuss the features and key information you need to know in this post.

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The gamers who play PUBG Mobile APK are aware of the PUBG Mod APK but many are unaware of it. Here is a quick explanation of the differences between the original APK and the hack.

PUBG explains the hack after I added the word. PUBG has been hacked to give players additional control over the game. With this Mod Apk, you can get Aimbot, No Recoil, Unlimited UC (Anti Ban), and more.

General Information

Game NamePUBG Mobile Mod Apk
Requires Android6.0 and up
Size1 GB
GenreUnlimited UC, Hack, AimBot

About PUBG Mobile Mod APK

After downloading this MOD APK, you will be able to boost your game ability and play like a pro for the first time. You can eliminate all of the problems with this MOD by providing you with smooth power to play. As a bonus, we are including all your favorite premium items in this MOD APK for free.

In recent months, teens have become increasingly interested in playing PUBG Mobile. You can instantly receive unlimited UC and Fight Points in your game accounts with our PUBG Mobile Mod Apk. Additionally, you will have aimbot and wallhack capabilities.

It involves creating a customized version of the APK file of PUBG Mobile Game in order to unlock enhanced features within the game itself. For hacking PUBG Mobile, it is primarily used. If you play this MOD Apk, you cannot lose a match. With this Free MOD Apk, you can get Legendary Outfits, Unlimited UC, Gun Skins, Vehicle Skins, as well as Free RP. You don’t have to use a PUBG Mobile ESP, PUBG Script & Pubg Cheat Code.

Applying this wallhack has only one requirement: you must not be observed. Aimbot is less secure since it’s difficult to locate. The enemy cannot be shot throughout the walls unless, of course, you continue to shoot them. Clearly, you can be banned from the sport if you do that. By using it smartly, you can get much in this match, without anyone knowing you’re using it.

Some developers have even optimized the PUBG Mod APK to be aware that there is an insect causing the bug and thus attracting updates from Pubg. Correction of a bug that obstructs accounts inside the system.

Infection Mode

Zombies and Defenders are divided at the start of the match, in this asymmetric PVP mode. While defenders have firearms, zombies only have melee attacks and abilities that require cooldowns. Defenders will turn into zombies after being killed, but zombies can revive after being killed. In an infected scenario, the Zombies win and if at least one Defender survives, the Defenders win. There is also a quick chat option available to players who are using Zombie forms. During in-room play, Infection can be played.

New Character System:

There is a free character, Victor, available right now. Go to the Workshop under Characters and collect him. SMG reload time is reduced by Victor’s skill. EVOGround allows him to use his skills, but Classic mode is not affected. With the Legendary Conquest outfit, Victor has one of the most exclusive outfits. To unlock unique emotes and voices, collect materials and level up.

Victor can be leveled up through matches. The MVP Results Emote is awarded at level 10 (maximum) in addition to rewards at every level. Earn rare rewards for premium Character Crates once you reach the maximum level.

Pirate Main Menu Theme and Global Treasure Hunt

Find hidden treasures during matches by hunting for hidden treasures. Redeem rewards by collecting gold, silver, and bronze compasses. Maps for each of the four stages are provided. Each stage consists of 7 levels and 2 missions. Complete 1 mission to unlock the mission crate. Complete 7 or more missions in a stage to unlock the stage crate. Obtain the final reward by completing all 56 missions. Complete any stage mission to be entered into the drawing for the travel fund. There are 10 winners for each stage.

Background Download Added to iOS

Players on iOS are able to download updates in the background while the app is running.

Daily Mission System Update:

The rewards have been upgraded and missions have been reduced. There are no set times for the release of daily missions, except for the Login Mission. Up to 3 times a day, players can change missions in the pool.

Features of PUBG Mobile Mod APK


You can enjoy playing PUBG quite a bit with this version since it adds a Wallhack feature. It is truly a quality in PUBG that will never allow you to lose. Is there any reason why this is happening? “Wallhack” means to appear around the corner or to relate to what’s around the corner. If you use this attribute, you can easily kill your enemies, regardless of where they are hidden. The Wallhack attribute provides you with the support of being able to see your enemy from behind a wall, and until the enemy shoots, you will kill him.

Auto Aim

This game does not require you to own unlimited bullets in order to have chicken dinner. Consequently, you can get advanced features like AutoAim and AimBot through Pubg mobile hacks. By utilizing these attributes, you can pile all of your anime in one flame without wasting any ammunition. In addition, the Aimbot feature mechanically targets your opponent, so you can kill your opponent with a mechanical shot. You can win the game with the help of this attribute without having to put much effort into it.

Unlimited UC

How would you feel if you had a Royal Pass and wanted to wear a brand new gown and skins? There is no need to worry, buddy because Unlimited UC is another feature of this match. This feature will provide you with unlimited UC, which you can use to buy yourself a new outfit, a gun skin, a bicycle or automobile skin, etc., without spending any real money. Is there something you’re waiting for?

Realistic Weapons

The same thing will happen in a regular PUBG match as well. Sport has the unique quality of seeming real inside. From the PUBG game, it seems like there is a Digital World. Aside from flying from an airplane, you will also be able to communicate with friends made in PUBG.

Unlimited BP

This game uses Fight Points as a currency. Each time you play a game, you’ll receive them. You will receive battle points for each kill and how much damage you do, as well as the length of time you played the game. They can be used for decorating purposes. It’s possible to change your hair color, hairstyle, skin color, drapes, etc.

Anti Ban

A key feature of this Apk is its anti-ban functionality. My first step in explaining anti-ban is to tell you what it really is. Upon reporting an enemy, PUBG programmers can attack your accounts or hack your hacks. Many hacks can be easily used without any problems. Instead of having your accounts blocked for several decades following any upgrades to our first application, do not use any hacks awaiting our Mod apk upgrade instead. You can easily reach the winner if all these attributes are present.

No Recoil

As its name indicates, No Recoil has no recoil. In any PUBG cellular game, you feel like you are in danger by killing enemies because firearms have an enormous amount of potential. We have no variable here. A gun cannot kill an enemy if it has this support.

No Root

The most critical characteristic is the absence of root elements. Rebooting your cell phone is not necessary. One of the best things about mod apk is this feature. It is necessary to root your cell phone for many applications. One program and your phone are affected. The use of marijuana makes it difficult to run applications and your phone is likely to hang.

No Fog & Grass

The New MOD variant of PUBG Mobile features this important attribute. With no fog attributes, you cannot come across enemies in fog weather and get an entirely clear picture. This gives you the ability to come across an enemy place, street, etc. No bud feature can allow you to locate the enemy if he sleeps in a snake form. With this option turned on, you can find the enemies who are sleeping in the bud.

Unlimited Health

The game will not let you die no matter how many headshots you take or how many attempts a player makes to kill you. Even if you’re dying in the game and none of your friends animate you, in PUBG mods you’ll always have unlimited health.

No Time Limit

In the present day, PUBG Mobile has become popular all around the world and those who have become used to playing with the most conversation are being hooked on the sportspeople formerly reported.

There was a theory that the game could be played for 6 hours within just 24 hours via PUBG Mobile. Then his account was suspended and he only played for half an hour after his account was reinstated after 24 hours. However, he may play PUBG Mod APK as long as he pleases.

What Users Say About PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

Gameplay is what makes this game so addictive. There are, however, some major problems with this game that are keeping people away from playing it. There’s no one like it! TPP seems to have a problem matching teams. I am an ace player, and I’m paired up with people who are four tiers lower than me and don’t pay attention to playing as a team. It is imperative that Tencent matches you with people who have similar skills and stats. You don’t want to be the player who carries your whole team every game.

There is no better game than Pubg. With the game, you can play with your friends and compete against them. In this game, there are quite a few bugs and glitches. The game’s updates add new features but fail to remove the glitches. Playing this game causes the internet to crash a lot. Addiction to it is inevitable. The second problem is that Asians don’t receive any legendary items when they open a crate. It would be better if legendary items appeared more often.

This is a very addicting game. My teammates and I have had some problems with this game, such as voice glitches, bugs, and our teammates tend to knock us for loot. They make fun of us when we play emotes in such situations. Such teammates should be banned as a result of this request. My favorite thing about this game is it tells us good proverbs like sharing loot and friendship. There’s no better game in the world than this game.

How To Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK

The APK version of PUBG Hacked is not complicated to download to your phone, but many people think otherwise. You may have been betrayed by a site. Then you were hard on yourself. PUBG MOD APK will be explained in the following section. If you have already downloaded and installed PUBG, please uninstall it before continuing with the below steps.

  • It is important to turn on unknown sources on your phone in the settings first. On this page below, we have a download button that you can click.
  • The download page will open immediately once you click that button. Click on the direct download link there to begin the download. You will be able to start downloading after clicking. In some cases, your phone will be able to play your game once the internet is fast enough. The file is very large, so it may take a while to download.
  • After it has been downloaded, go to your file manager where you will find the APK file, and tap on it. Installing the program is as simple as clicking a button.
  • For this game to run smoothly, you must have an internet connection with a capacity of 2.5GB.
  • Salute! It’s on your phone now. Let us know what you think of PUBG MOD.

FAQs About PUBG Mobile MOD APK

It cannot happen in the mind of any PUBG Player. It’s only those with a very fast mind who play PUBG, and they can overcome any challenge. As well as the Number 1 Battle Game, PUBG is very popular as well.

This game is played by millions today. This is why there are definitely some questions in everyone’s mind about the PUBG MOD APK. We have created this section of FAQs to address those questions. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions. Please feel free to comment with any other questions you might have. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

1: How to download PUBG Mobile MOD APK?

Follow the steps on our blog to download PUBG MOD APK. You can download and install using the step-by-step guide we have provided. If you have any problems downloading, you can ask in the comments. We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2: Is this PUBG Hack APK?

There is a hacked version of the PUBG Cracked apk. As far as we know, this version offers more benefits than any other version of PUBG so far, such as Free Royal Pass and Unlimited UC.

3: Why should I download this PUBG MOD?

Simple is the answer. All these features can be unlocked if you want them. If so, then you should download this app. Here are a few reasons to download this PUBG MOD. There is no recoil in the game, you can team up with your friends, no fog, you can unlock all skins, no rooting required, and anti-ban protection.

4: What is UC in PUBG?

UC 1 can be used instead of money since it’s a digital option. Gamers can play games in a specific place with UC as game money. PUBG makes it easy to buy premium items. In any case, you must pay your internet payment only if you purchase any services offered. So far, there is no great way to acquire UC for free. For 60 UC, the cost is currently 0.99$.

5: Can PUBG be played alone?

If you would like to play Solo from PUBG Mobile, simply choose Solo. Only then will you be able to play the game independently, and if you would like to play Duo, you can also select Duo.

6: Can you play the PUBG game offline?

The PUBG mobile game cannot be played offline since it’s a multiplayer game with 80% bots. It is therefore unlikely that you can play this game offline. Web browsers run it.

7: Why should I download this PUBG MOD?

It is quite simple to solve the problem. All these attributes can be unlocked if you wish. Once you find the Apk, then you can install it. You will be able to play the game with your friends, travel at no cost, unlock all skins, No Root, Anti-Ban, and Much More with the MOD!

8: How do you get free gun skins on a PUBG mobile phone?

In the post’s top section, you can find the download link for the mod application. In addition to guns and bicycles, you will be able to get other skins for your automobile by using the unlimited UC feature. How much longer will you wait? You can download PUBG Mobile Hack faster with the download link.

Last Words

Therefore, we have learned about the modified version of Pubg Mobile in this article. As we have seen, we get different features in PUBG Mobile that are modded.

A boat contains features that allow us to aim at our enemy. Another benefit of the unlimited UC feature is that we can buy any vehicle within the game we’d like.

This is the main feature of the modded version of Pubg Mobile. You can see through walls, like that. As a result, we learned how to download and install the modern version of PUBG Mobile Mod APK on our Android devices. Following that, we insert a few frequently asked questions submitted by users worldwide. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible if you have any queries or questions regarding Pubg Mod APK. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.