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Download the Fap CEO MOD Apk (MOD, Money/Unlocked) Here, and use unlimited coins to upgrade to the MAX maximum. This is awesome for newbies.
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Download the Fap CEO MOD Apk (MOD, Money/Unlocked) Here, and use unlimited coins to upgrade to the MAX maximum. This is awesome for newbies. Downloading the Fap CEO Apk is amazing, it is 100% safe. Hurry up guys, here it is working.

Fap CEO is a highly modified version of the popular virtual hentai dating gamecock and ball where you are able to meet up with several sexy anime women simultaneously and engage in some hot threesome sex. A successful CEO struggles to provide for his wife and children despite his limited resources as Fap CEO.

The House of Fap was created by an all-private company to satisfy the growing demand for thrilling and luscious content. Customers from all over the world come to them constantly looking for the most realistic sexual experience online. FP CEO’s latest version comes with a range of upgrades and options that are sure to improve your satisfaction and enjoyment.

General Information

App NameFap CEO
Requires AndroidAndroid & iOS Apple
Size55 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

About Fap CEO

You are the CEO of a small company, responsible for hiring and managing employees and developing them. The world’s luckiest man is you if this company is real. When? There are a lot of beautiful, hot employees at your company, including you, the only man. Along with your business development, you could flirt with them or invite them to dinner.

Become a Talented CEO

In terms of gameplay, Fap CEO emphasizes managing and developing your own company as Game Dev Tycoon does. You have just one employee when your company is starting out. To grow your company, you need to work hard, make some money, hire more employees, expand your office, keep working hard, etc. Video conferencing is the core business of your company. In order to attract viewers to your site, you hire pretty girls to chat and do other things, through which you earn profits.

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Hire Hot, Sexy Girls

Fap CEO is my favorite part because every day, it has many beautiful young girls applying for positions. As long as you have enough money to pay them, you can hire them, train them, and earn profits when they work. Amber is your first hire – the blonde secretary wearing a blue dress. Your office can then be expanded and more employees hired. Your staff is a money maker, so upgrade them so they can bring in more.

Your employees can flirt with you and chat via email in addition to working together. The evenings are a good time for chatting, exchanging love stories, and sending selfies to each other. Having a romantic relationship may be a plus, but losing your employees is a risk.

I Love these Graphics

Fap CEO, which has 2D graphics with beautiful anime-style images, was developed by a Japanese studio. Their portrayals of female characters are sexy, hot, and beautiful. As well as their cute voices, they are very charming. The girls look adorable, and if they are real, I will be a huge fan.

Featured in Fap CEO Mod Apk

Unlimited Money

CEOs must be extremely talented in order to succeed. Poor performance will lead to a loss for your company. Costs can be high. This inspired the creation of Fap CEO, the game of simulating being a CEO. You will be running your own business in this game. Additionally, there is a talented and beautiful staff. Ensure the success of the company.

It was released by Nutaku, a renowned publisher of games. The company is probably familiar to you. Yes, that’s right, the company produces games that are 18+. Another 18+ product from the company is the Fap CEO. You must be of legal age to play this game.

Experience the Feeling of Being a Boss

The game simulates the life of a CEO. It goes without saying that features such as company management are indispensable. Managing a company as a boss will be your responsibility here. There are many beautiful girls who are eager to work for your company. The resources are not sufficient for you to pay for all of them. Select the best employees for your company. There are also different specializations required for various quests.

It is important for a CEO to place employees in jobs that are consistent with their strengths. A well-decorated office can also affect employee productivity. The number of employees may increase, so you may want to consider more spacious offices so that everyone can work comfortably. Having a decor that matches employee preferences is also important. Alternatively, you can develop a hobby of your own.

Your own Beautiful staff

Camgirl’s industry is characterized by specifics. They are all gorgeous girls. I begin with a girl named Amber, whose fiery hair perfectly complements her amber skin. When your company first starts, the first girl you hire does not have anything. Earn money, increase profits, and work with her. As the company gained a reputation, more and more customers. The company will have a larger number of female applicants at that time. Invest in your employees’ efficiency by upgrading them!

You own these beautiful employees, yes, you do own them. Your staff is not so pretty that Nutaku will be 18. Talk, give gifts, date, promote,… and it will happen. You know when she is falling for you. You can explore Nutaku’s hot scenes further, discovering more. The distance is how far? Since I can’t describe further, I recommend you find out for yourself.

2D graphics

This company has extensive experience in this particular genre of games. As far as sound and image are concerned, FAP CEO can compete with his seniors. The gameplay is based on 2D animations. Colorful dresses enhance their attractiveness. After a long day of work, fun sounds help you unwind

Download Fap CEO MOD APK for Android

Fap CEO MOD Apk can also be downloaded from the Play Store. Here is the link to download the installation instructions from our side.

  • Start by downloading the Fap CEO MOD Apk.
  • Download the APK file onto your SD card or phone memory.
  • Installing an APK or game.
  • Permissions for unknown apps need to be allowed.
  • This app is open.

Enjoy the FAP CEO MOD Apk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a version for iOS?

REDMOND or Nutaku is the only place where the FAP CEO game is available. Android devices are the only ones that can use it. It is not even available on Google Play.

I often miss events. How do I not miss out?

We create events regularly, so you can play the game every day. You can also re-join old events to make sure you don’t miss interesting stories.

I wonder if this is a 2D game or is it 3D?

Character creation in the game is 3D-style, so at first glance, you may think it’s a 3D game. However, its graphics quality is only 2D.

How to quickly unlock cutscenes?

You can unlock the pictures you want by playing our MOD version, which is not too easy to play but will help you unlock the pictures quickly.

Why do I have to install the Launch file to install the game?

Downloading this file is required only for FAP CEO users to install it on their Android phones. The Android emulator is also available!

How do the MOD features work?

Activating MOD does not need to be done, you simply download and install th

Will my phone does not get viruses from your APK file?

No way. It is completely safe for your phone, as it has been thoroughly tested!

Final Word

We will now explain what you will receive with a genuine Fap CEO Mod Apk. This mod offers unlimited cash with the intent that you will be able to purchase anything you want. Also, with this mod, you get free shopping, which makes you stay in the game longer.